Category: Acoustic Guitars

Sometimes there is nothing better than going ‘unplugged’. Here at Modern Guitars we don’t only buy and sell electric guitars. From late Victorian Parlour guitars through Dreadnoughts, Resonators and Concert instruments we do buy and sell all types of acoustic instruments. We especially like Martin, Taylor, Gibson, Collings and U.K. builders such as Lowden, Fylde and Patrick Eggle. Check out our stock below.

1982 Lowden G9 Acoustic Guitar £3000

An all original Lowden G9 from the early 1980’s with a hand carved spruce top and rosewood back and sides. A beautiful instrument superbly constructed and with light playing wear and some marking to...

1978 Martin D35 ex 10cc – £2750

A wonderful tonal guitar – a typical Martin Dreadnought if there is such a thing. Superb build quality and everything that a Martin should be with Rosewood back and sides. Two colour that suggests some Brazilian and Indian there. It had been in its case from the mid 1980’s until 2002 when we bought it. The strings were rusty and the guitar needed a complete strip down clean up and pro set up. Since then it has really turned into a superb sounding Martin guitar with an amazing tone. This guitar had been previously owned by one of 10cc’s guitar roadies and we were told it was used on one of their early recordings! A fantastic vintage Martin with original case and the Martin owners leaflet in there.

Dobro 33H Resonator Palm Tree Sunset Etched £1500

As seen on the Dire Straits ‘Brothers in Arms’ cover this is the fantastic Hawaian etched Dobro 33 model H. A mid 1990’s model in excellent condition with original Dobro Hard Case. An iconic guitar that is sure to rise in value over the next 10 years…