Category: Pedals

Pedals, Stomboxes call ’em what you like. We especially like to buy and sell vintage MXR, Electro Harmonix, Ibanez and Arbiter. We are also happy to trade more modern Boutique Pedals. Its always fun finding out what they sound like and what they do! Check out our stock below.

1972 Roland AS1 Compressor Sustainer

An early fore-runner this is a great sounding Roland AS1 Sustainer pedal in very good condition. It is only missing its AS1 plate that sits in the rubber area below the control panels. Otherwise in great condition!

Morley early 1970’s Tel Ray Era Pro Flanger

‘If it ain’t got the chrome then it ain’t got that tone!’ This is a cracking early 1970’s Morley UK Mains Spec Pro Flanger. Nothing else quite sounds like it and it has tonal characteristics no other flanger has, plus the foot pedal controllable sweep and harmonic colouration switch. Truly a unique effects pedal!