We are always happy to provide a valuation service on any vintage, rare or high value guitar, or collection of guitars. We can provide an initial valuation by email providing you are happy to furnish us with information and photographs; or if you aren’t too far away we are happy to meet. We are also always prepared to travel greater distances to value high value items or collections, although we do charge an itemised expenses fee for this.

We can provide two types of valuation. A market valuation if you are seeking to sell the instrument, or a valuation for insurance purposes. In both cases we will charge a fee for valuation of £35 per guitar plus any expenses incurred. Should you choose to sell the instrument to us we are happy to refund any fees we would charge in the valuation process.

We DO buy guitars and are always ready to provide a market valuation that is not based on the usual music shop price of 50% of what they could sell it for. As we don’t have a shop we don’t work on 100% mark up, and would rather do a deal that is acceptable to both parties than lose the opportunity to purchase a particularly fine instrument.

We are happy to appraise collections or individual instruments, handle escrow and arrange private sales on behalf of clients. We are also consultants to the insurance and loss industry, providing valuations and a forensic loss advice service related to vintage and high value guitars.