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Hey Twang Kings and Queens there’s NOTHING cooler than an old Gretsch guitar!
Sure we like the modern ones but to us nothing beats a nicely aged U.S. built Gretsch. Check out our stock below! Solid gone! Daddy O!!

1960 Gretsch Double Anniversary PAF Single Cutaway Sunburst – £2500

A rare Gretsch 6117 Double Anniversary in sunburst. A classic single cutaway Gretsch guitar. This is an interesting guitar for three reasons firstly it hasnt been turned into a 6120, secondly it hasn’t had a Bigsby fitted and thirdly this is a transition model we think, because it has one PAF Filter Tron and one Hi Lo Patented pickup. A great looking iconic Gretsch in excellent condition with very little marking, no neck problems and no binding issues.